Meditation infographic reviewed 75+ studies and compiled all the evidence in one graphic and datasheet.

What are the effects of meditation & mindfulness, according to the latest scientific research? What’s it good for? And while we’re at it, what’s the difference between meditation and mindfulness anyway?


Click on the graphic above to get more information.

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  • This article talks about dangers of meditation. I wonder what you think?

    I find myself more detached and somewhat depersonlized since meditating. Like I’m outside myself even watching myself.
    A separation between myself and my body and mind.

    • This is a complex area, Ted. I’m not happy with the way a lot of Dharma is being taught these days. Meditation is supposed to be part of an overall program of development, including the ethical. It’s not meant to focus exclusively on vipassana, but predominantly on samatha. It’s supposed to included emotional development (metta and compassion) and not just focusing on the breath, or focusing on insight. It’s supposed to take place within a context of spiritual friendship with peers. Some of those elements are often neglected, and so it’s not surprising to me that some people end up emotionally alienated.

      If you don’t already do some kind of lovingkindness or compassion meditation, I’d strongly recommend that this constitute at least half of your meditation practice. In fact it might be a good idea to switch almost entirely to this form of meditation for anything up to a year.

  • Thank you..
    I’ve followed your site and posts for some time.
    I respect and trust what you do.
    I appreciate your suggestion.
    I have the 15 minute guided meditation on development of loving kindness and like it a lot.
    I’ll get back to using it more regularly, I do notice more compassion when I do.


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