30 ways to add zing to your meditation this spring

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“What does spring have to do with meditation?” you might ask. Each season offers opportunities to bring creativity to our meditation practices. Want to know what spring can bring? In the spring, especially in places that have had a cold winter, going outdoors is especially pleasurable. The breezes are cooling, the sun is warm, there is no need for heavy jackets, sweaters and socks and days are longer.

So, springtime brings some rain, it’s true, but also amazingly beautiful flowers from seeds and bulbs.

Here is a list of thirty ways to bring new zing to your meditation practice in the spring:

  1. go outdoors and listen to the sounds of the birds
  2. listen to the trees as the breezes rustle the leaves
  3. look at the many different shades of green that emerge from trees
  4. watch the sunlight filter through trees in a wooded area
  5. practice walking meditation
  6. watch the sun set each evening
  7. take a mindful walk early in the morning
  8. walk by the sea and feel the sand on your bare feet
  9. plant a garden
  10. pull weeds from the garden
  11. watch as what you plant in your garden grows
  12. enjoy the fruits and vegetables from your garden
  13. cook vegetables from your garden
  14. hang the laundry outdoors on a clothes line
  15. hike in a state park
  16. enjoy an outdoor massage
  17. swim in the sea, a lake or a pool
  18. practice yoga outdoors
  19. practice QiGong outdoors
  20. make cooking a meditation
  21. enjoy chopping, slicing, sauteing food
  22. enjoy the aromas of what you cook
  23. go camping
  24. play outdoors with children
  25. have a picnic by yourself
  26. have a picnic with a friend
  27. watch wind patterns on a pond
  28. bring your sketch pad outdoors to draw trees, grass, birds or whatever comes into your vision or imagination
  29. bring your watercolors and other paints outdoors with a canvas
  30. don’t make any plans for the day and have a retreat at home, making each action and interaction a meditation

Everything we do can become a meditation when we pay full attention to it. And isn’t that what meditation should be? It is one thing to be mindful when we are sitting alone in meditation, but the real test of mindfulness is when we are out and about in “real” life.

Spring, with beautiful weather and the splendor of flowers and trees, is a great time to bring our meditation practice off the mat and into the world. Give it a try!

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