The best mindfulness apps for iPhone/iPad


Kate Crisp, director of the Prison Dharma Network, has done us great favor by downloading and testing 20 or so mindfulness apps for iPad or iPhone. Check out her review here.


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  • I have been using the Zen Insight Timer on my Android tablet for several months now. It’s the best timer app I have ever seen. I was so impressed with it I actually paid for the full version. I use it in my meditation groups and everyone really likes it. It has freed me from the role of time-keeper.

  • Enlighten App
    April 26, 2012 8:26 am

    For Android users, Enlighten App has just been released which is aimed at mindfulness:

    Please feel free to test it out and pass it around. Any feedback to help improve and shape future versions would be greatly appreciated.


  • The review for Zen Insight Timer didn’t mention how you can connect to other people meditating real-time around the world. It’s pretty neat to see how many people are meditating at any given moment and see their mantras. You can send messages saying, “Thank you for meditating with me” or “I like your mantra”. Of course, people only get the message after they’ve finished meditating! :)

  • Take a look at “Buddhism” App for Android

    It has all the core Fundamentals of Buddhism, Over 300 Quotes from the Dhammapada and The 21 Lamrim Meditations.

    “Buddhism” on Google Play:


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