Third Eye: Kellee Maize

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Video directed by Matt Marzulo, shot in Sedona, AZ.

I recently made contact with Kellee Maize — a young, blonde, female rapper from small-town, Pennsylvania, who moved to Pittsburgh and started her own guerrilla-marketing company, Näkturnal. She formed her first rap group at age nine, and music has been an important part of her life. Her debut album, Age of Feminine, was released independently in May 2007, and has had over 100,000 downloads on iTunes.

Kellee’s lyrics are often urban and gritty, but spirituality plays a large role in her music, which see sees as a way to transcend the ego. Here she talks about what the “third eye” means to her.

“What is the third eye? I feel that I am trying to reach the part of you that is just above ego. I feel this song is seemingly egoic at times. I mean, i have an ego, we all do, but, I want to connect with what is beyond that, but still be real. I often struggle with this, I don’t want to try to say I am god or something, we are all creators, and I don’t want to seem too egoic. In the end, I feel like a conduit to spirit so I just write what comes and try not to over analyze.”

You can check out Kellee’s website to find out more about her and her music, and learn more about what the lyrics of Third Eye mean to her.

third eyeLyrics of Third Eye
Yeah I hate to tell ya but I won’t fit in your box
I know you wanna know but you cannot pick my locks
See you a part of me like New York is to the Bronx
And everything is everything we do not need to box
Cause I could stick and move, I am focused like a soldier
And you’ve been in my way, heavy like a boulder
And everybody’s scared of death and getting older
When you release your fear come cry on my shoulder
Cause, finally the Earth’s come around
Use a new part of your brain, make a new sound
All we want is love it’s making our heart pound
The new children are here they are coming out the ground
Stop medicating them their power will abound
Now please just gather round
The pitchers at the mound
Catch my words don’t clown
You know you like my sound
Now give your girl a pound or a hug would mean you’re down

[Chorus 2x] And with the power of Isis
I will speak to your third eye
I’ll be your soldier in crisis
I will lick your cheek when you cry

Down at the four rivers, the waters they will heal
I will lift my hands up to the sky and make it real
My bothers and my sisters, you will see how I feel
I will give you a dollar to listen, baby let’s make a deal

No you can’t buy me, don’t even try me
in fact unleash your lasso and please untie me
I’m done with the cowboys they do not excite me
don’t need your opinions please don’t indict me
I won’t do your homework, do not assign me
the universe will teach you what science is finding
Open up your chakras your aura could be blinding
grab some rose quartz and start reminding

[Chorus 2x] And with the power of Isis
I will speak to your third eye
I’ll be your soldier in crisis
I will lick your cheek when you cry

I am a writing machine and this is my weapon
Fighting with my mouth peace I will be reppin’
We’re all contradictions stop your suggestin’
The righteous do not judge ’cause they know its projectin’
And just ’cause I say it’s the age of feminine
Doesn’t mean that I am not down for our men
We all need some yang get that dick up out your head
‘Cause there are mad women who are too masculine
And yes I know that I do not sound Caucasian
But sorry this is how it comes out like the days end
My soul is here for some consciousness raising
Stop all your labelin’ I’m Kellee amazin’
And I’m not concerned with which god you’re praising
or what herb your blazing
Your light shines, its dazing and now the bridge fades in
And now the bridge fades in

Ladededadadadaday, you can light your own way
Ladededadadadaday, today can be your day
Ladededadadadaday I will be lighting my own way
Ladededadadadaday, today is my day

[Chorus 4x] And with the power of Isis
I will speak to your third eye
I’ll be your soldier in crisis
I will lick your cheek when you cry


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  • Kellee is a beacon shining in the darkness. I am constantly reminded by her music to seek the good in things. Thanks for sharing!


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