I love you and one day I will die


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I love you and one day I will die. I can not escape it. Death comes to everyone, including me.

Death is unavoidable; it will come to all of us, today, tomorrow, next month, next year.
Death is unavoidable; even I will die. Even you will die. Everyone we know will die.

Death is unavoidable, you and I may die before our parents. You and I may die before our children. You and I may die before our friends. You and I may die before our loved ones. You and I may die after our loved ones.

Death is unavoidable; this is the only thing we can guarantee in life. During this next year someone we know will die, or we will know of someone who knows someone who has died. In five years some of us may have even died. As soon as we are born we are old enough to die.

Death is not a tragedy. How we respond to death can be a tragedy. Denial of death is a tragedy. Blame is a tragedy. Saying it’s not fare is a tragedy. Death will come – all we can hope for is that we have a happy death.
Death is unavoidable, why not die well. One can hope for a non violent death, one can hope for a death from the failing body, from sickness or old age.

The longer we live, the more we will see die. In 20 years more of us would have died, and in 60 years most of us would have died.

Never be to overjoyed when someone arrives. Never be to saddened when someone leaves. This can be a mini rehearsal for learning to mourn who we lose.

Always hold lightly in your heart that this may be the last time you see the person you are with now.

If you can live like this only loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and peace will flow from your heart.

Death is unavoidable and it will come to all of us.

What does the gap between birth and death mean to you?

How are you living your life?

We may die a sudden death without saying goodbye to our loved ones, family, friends – what is it that we need to tell them so we have no regret if this happens?

How are you preparing for your death?

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  • We came from the One gloriously ecstatic Light and we return in what we call death, only to once again come back. Just as day is action and night is rest we rise up to work and lie down to rest. No one ever gets out of the Light of the One self.

    We need to make sure that those we leave with memories of us are inspiring ones that bless those we’ve touched. Bill Dugger.

  • Thank you Vimalasara for such a moving article. I can’t come up with words to describe how moved I was reading this article so I won’t even try. I will end up on one word and one word only. Namaste.

  • This article was very helpful to me at this time in my life. I would like to address the issue of the loss, through death, of our pets. I just lost my “soul pet”, my cat Paco. I have been devastated by his death for two days; but this article has helped to gain some peace. I am still immeasurably sad, but hope I will be with him again some day. He was, and is, my best “pet friend” in this lifetime.

  • Thank you all of you for taking the time to post your thoughts. I am moved. And yes Lynda Loss is Loss. And I send you much compassion during this tough and painful time. May all blessings be yours


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