2017: A Year of Conscious Living

Join us for a series of online meditation events. We’re calling this 2017: A Year of Conscious Living!  It includes events for all levels of practice, whether you’re a beginner interested in learning basic techniques or a more experienced meditator interested in cultivating deep meditative states and insight. You’re free to pick and choose which events you participate in. There is no fixed charge for these events. Participation is by donation.


Waking Up: Stepping From Delusion to Freedom in This Very Life (Nov 1 - Dec 31)

The whole point of Buddhist practice is to bring about freedom from suffering. But while can free ourselves from some of our suffering by becoming more ethical, more mindful, and more compassionate, “becoming a better person” isn’t enough. In order to bring about complete freedom from suffering we have to radically change the way we see ourselves and our world. This change comes about by developing insight. In this two-month online course we'll explore a variety of approaches to insight meditation, and come to appreciate how all Buddhist practice, including ethics and the practice of kindness and compassion, is part of the path of cultivating insight.
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How to Stop Beating Yourself Up: Learning the Art of Self-Compassion (Nov 1-28)

We all long for someone who will love us unconditionally. But what if that person is us? Self-compassion is the radically healing practice of treating ourselves with the kindness, respect, and gentleness that we would ideally offer to those we love. Most us us have the habit of being hard on ourselves, but research shows that self-compassion promotes emotional well-being, reduces our risk of anxiety and depression, supports healthy habits, and leads to more satisfying personal relationships.
This 28-day online meditation course teaches the four skills of self-compassion — mindful awareness, acceptance, self-kindness, and compassionate perspectives — so that we can learn to give ourselves unconditional support, love, and encouragement as we do this difficult thing of being human. Learn more!

Child hand holding a flower daisy, toned photo. Focus for floiwers.

Living With Kindness: Lovingkindness Practices for Awakening the Heart (Nov 1-28)

"My religion is kindness." The Dalai Lama. One of the most astonishing things is that we can train ourselves to become kinder — to become more accepting of ourselves, deepen our appreciation of and care for our friends, become kinder and more patient with relative strangers, and learn to let go of resentment and negativity.
By learning the powerful and effective techniques for developing kindness that we introduce on this course, you'll learn how to transform your relationships, bringing greater empathy into daily life.
This event is suitable for people of all levels of experience, including complete beginners. Learn more!

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Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness: Finding Peace in Every Moment (Dec 1-28)

Research shows that we spend, on average, 48% of our time in distracted thinking, and that these thoughts are often detrimental to our wellbeing and happiness. In many cases, compulsive thoughts create out-of-control states of depression or stress.
Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness is a 28-day online meditation event — a practical guide showing how the power of mindfulness can reduce stress in your life and offer you access to peace in every moment. You'll learn how to relate more healthily to stressful situations, how to avoid "catastrophizing," and how to become more emotionally resilient.
This event is suitable for people of all levels of experience, including complete beginners. Learn more!

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR): A Mindfulness Approach For Working With Addictions (Jan 1-28)

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery MBAR is a secular mindfulness-based approach to promoting recovery from addiction and understanding relapse. Originally called mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP), we decided to focus on building Recovery Capital, which is internal and external resources that can promote harm reduction, abstinence and sobriety of mind. The course was developed by Dr. Paramabandhu Groves in collaboration with Dr Valerie Mason-John M.A. (hon. doc.)
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