Sit : Breathe : Love (Oct 27 – Nov 23)

sit : breathe : loveWant to experience the physical and mental health benefits of meditation, but have trouble setting up a regular practice?

Sit : Breathe : Love is a 28 Day Meditation Challenge, with the aim of helping you to set up the habit of meditating daily.

The benefits of regular meditation have been demonstrated again and again in multiple studies. Meditating makes you happier, is good for your health, protects your brain from aging, boosts your intelligence, and helps reduce pain, stress, and depression.

But it’s not easy to set up a regular meditation practice.

So we’re here to help you!

The aims in the 28 Day Challenge are:

  1. To work toward building up a daily habit of meditation
  2. If possible, to sit every day for 28 days

We set the bar for success low: although we hope you’ll meditate for 20 to 40 minutes a day, a “successful” day is one in which you’ve done some form of sitting meditation for at least five minutes — because there are Days Like That, aren’t there?

In the 28 Day Challenge we’ll teach you how to find a comfortable meditation posture (“Sit”); we’ll teach you how to calm your mind and settle agitated emotions by practicing the mindfulness of breathing (“Breathe”); and we’ll teach you how to appreciate yourself and others more through the practice of lovingkindness (“Love”). Hence, Sit : Breathe : Love”. We’ll also teach you walking meditation.

You’ll receive an email every day containing meditation instructions and links to guided meditations.

There is also a Community on Google Plus where you can share your experiences and receive support and encouragement from other participants in the challenge. If you already have a Google account, then joining the Community is easy. Even if you don’t have a Google account, it’s simple to set one up.

The challenge is free, although we do appreciate donations. In fact we need donations to cover our running costs.


You can make a donation right now using the Paypal button below.


To participate, sign up for the challenge below. You’ll receive an email every day, containing meditation instructions and links to guided meditations. You can select multiple events using the checkboxes, and you also have the option to join our regular newsletter, which goes out twice a month and contains an exclusive article (not found on our blog) as well as links to significant posts and news stories published on our blog in the previous two weeks or so.

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Kellie St. James
September 17, 2014 5:35 pm

Thank you so much for offering affordable lessons. I am disabled and on an extremely fixed income and usually cannot afford to partake in online classes. Offering free lessons allows me to enjoy the lessons and further my spiritual growth. Thank you again.

elana McMurtry
October 14, 2014 3:18 pm

thank you!


I will send a donation November 3rd. Thank you very much.


Sounds useful
A reinforcing reminder may prove helpful


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