Special lovingkindness meditations

leavesFrom time to time we’ve posted special versions of the lovingkindness meditation, the metta bhavana, in response to important world events.

Principally, we recorded a special meditation in response to the events of 9/11 and another in response to the invasion of Afghanistan.

The metta bhavana meditation (and the related practices of cultivating compassion, joy, and equanimity) is highly flexible because it embodies spiritual principles that can be applied in many situations.

The meditations offered here are themselves flexible. The 9/11 meditation can be used to help us cope with the aftermath of any disaster — natural or man-made — and the Meditation In Time of War can be used to help us explore and deal with the emotions that arise during any time of armed conflict.

We’d like to create more of these special meditations in the future. Time is always limited and there are always many things that need to be done, so we make no promises!

At the same time, if you would like us to record a special version of the metta bhavana practice, feel free to ask using the comment form below. We always feel motivated to do something when there’s been a direct request.