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Wildmind offers a range of online courses on meditation, practice in daily life, and Buddhism.

Starting June 4, 2007:

Meditation Courses

 The Path of Mindfulness and Love (4 weeks)
 Change Your Mind (4 weeks)
 Awakening the Heart (4 weeks)
 Entering the Path of Insight (4 weeks)

A student writes:

"I especially valued the very personalized comments and suggestions from Sunada, something I could not get from books or recordings, and possibly not even from a face-to-face class, where questions and responses need to be matched to the group."

- Julie, UK

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Learn meditation or study Buddhism online! Wildmind offers 4-week courses suitable for complete beginners to experienced practitioners. You'll work directly with an experienced teacher who provides you personalized, one-on-one feedback. All of our courses offer a content-rich, interactive experience -- with online readings, guided meditations in MP3 format, and a discussion forum -- all available 24/7.

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June 2007 Issue

  • Quote of the Month: The Dalai Lama
  • Book review: The Compassionate Brain by Gerald Huther, Ph.D.
  • Editor's Pick: What You're Made Of
  • Meditation in the News: Top 5 Stories From Last Month

Quote of the Month


"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."
- The Dalai Lama

If we develop compassion we'll benefit others -- but how do we benefit? Bodhipaksa discusses how recent research involving Tibetan monks shows that lovingkindness meditation leads to greater happiness.

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Book Review

book cover

The Compassionate Brain by Gerald Huther, Ph.D. (Trumpeter, 2006. Paperback, $14.00).

According to Gerald Huther, the human brain is an open-ended device that can be endlessly shaped by our experiences and choices. This book, styled like an "owner's manual" for the brain, discusses how the most comprehensive development of the brain requires transcending our tendencies toward self-centeredness.

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Editor's Pick: What You're Made Of

Tricycle magazine

In the latest edition of Tricycle magazine — the West’s leading Buddhist journal — Bodhipaksa guides us through a powerful and traditional reflection on impermanence and interconnectedness.

Read more about the Six Element Practice on Tricycle.com.

Meditation in the News:
Top Five Stories of Last Month

meditation in the news

For a complete, categorized, and searchable listing of news stories concerning meditation, visit our news database.

Living with pain, not with suffering: Buddhism promises no escape from physical pain, but can change how we experience it.

Exhaustion: the modern malady: Is work exhausting us in a way it never did before?

Meditation may fine-tune control over attention: A new study suggests that attention can be improved by mental training, such as meditation.

Chinese official slams Dalai Lama: A Chinese official accused the Dalai Lama of conspiring with a host of perceived enemies.

Toddler's dance destroys monks' intricate sand painting: Monks shrug off destruction of sand mandala in Kansas City.