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A student writes:

"I especially valued the very personalized comments and suggestions from Sunada, something I could not get from books or recordings, and possibly not even from a face-to-face class, where questions and responses need to be matched to the group."

- Julie, UK

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August 2007 Issue
The Psychology of Meditation

  • Quote of the Month: Dr. Lorne Ladner, PhD.
  • Book review: "Buddhist Psychology," by Geshe Tashi Tsering
  • A student asks: Sunada responds
  • Book Review: "Minding What Matters: Psychotherapy and the Buddha Within," by Robert Langan
  • Meditation in the News: Top 5 Stories From Last Month

Quote of the Month


"When we ask what makes a happy and meaningful life, one problem that can arise is the tendency to respond with an answer that doesn’t really come from the heart."
- Dr. Lorne Ladner, PhD.

In this month's commentary, Bodhipaksa discusses how we can develop inner harmony. 

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Book Review

book cover

"Buddhist Psychology," by Geshe Tashi Tsering. (Wisdom Publications, 2006. Paperback, $14.95)

Saccanama tells us that this book provides a light, accessible and illuminating guide to Buddhist psychological theory and its practical applications.  

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A student asks...

book cover

"My sit didn’t go well today. I was really distracted, and couldn’t get rid of my thoughts. What am I doing wrong?"

Sunada discusses the inescapability of distracting thoughts and the problems we create when we judge our meditation practice.

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Book Review

book cover

"Minding What Matters," by Robert Langan. (Wisdom Publications, 2006. Paperback, $14.95)

Nagaraja is bothered, bewildered, but not bewitched by Langan's unconventional take on Buddhist Psychotherapy.

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Meditation in the News:
Top Five Stories of Last Month

meditation in the news

For a complete, categorized, and searchable listing of news stories concerning meditation, visit our news database.

Top researchers criticize new meditation and health study: A growing number of researchers believe that a study (see story below) claiming meditation does not improve health, is methodologically flawed, incomplete, and should be retracted.

Better studies needed to test meditation: There is a lack of rigorous clinical trials proving whether meditation has health benefits, according to Canadian researchers.

Meditators' brains seem alert: People who meditate show signs they are surprisingly alert, the first study of its kind has found.

How to succeed in business: Meditate: With hellish hours and info overload now the norm, the CEOs are turning to meditation to cope.

Lou finds the rhythm of life: Drink, drugs and rock'n'roll used to be the staples of rock's hard man Lou Reed. Now he says his perfect day involves meditation and lots of t’ai chi.