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Wildmind offers a range of online courses on meditation, practice in daily life, and Buddhism.

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 The Path of Mindfulness and Love (4 weeks)
 Change Your Mind (4 weeks)
 Awakening the Heart (4 weeks)
 Entering the Path of Insight (4 weeks)

A student writes:

"I especially valued the very personalized comments and suggestions from Sunada, something I could not get from books or recordings, and possibly not even from a face-to-face class, where questions and responses need to be matched to the group."

- Julie, UK

September 2007 Issue
On Reflection...

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Learn meditation or study Buddhism online! Wildmind offers four-week courses suitable for complete beginners to experienced practitioners. You'll work directly with an experienced teacher who provides you personalized, one-on-one feedback. All of our courses offer a content-rich, interactive experience -- with online readings, guided meditations in MP3 format, and a discussion forum -- all available 24/7.

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Quote of the Month


"Thought is a man in his wholeness, wholly attending."
- D. H. Lawrence.

In this month's commentary, Bodhipaksa discusses the positive role that thought can play in our meditation practice. 

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Book Review

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"Available Truth: Excursions into Buddhist Wisdom and the Natural World," by Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano. (Wisdom Publications, 2006. Paperback, $16.95)

Nyanasobhano, an American actor/playwright turned Theravadin Buddhist, writes essays and reflections on the Buddhist path that stand well apart from the general run of writing on Buddhism for their sheer literary quality, according to reviewer Vishvapani. 

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Aprenda meditação em português (Learn meditation in Portuguese)

Você fala português? Temos a grande satisfação de anunciar que com a ajuda de amigos em São Paulo agora temos uma versão em português de nosso site.

Consulte-a regularmente, porque vamos acrescentar material novo, incluindo MP3s de meditação dirigida e novidades sobre aulas de meditação no Brasil.

Do you speak Portuguese? We're delighted to announce that with the kind help of friends in São Paulo we now have a Portuguese version of our site.

Check back regularly because we'll be adding new material, including guided meditation MP3s and news on meditation classes in Brazil.

A student asks...

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"I’m confused about how to do reflections. Aren’t we supposed to let go of thoughts during meditation?"

This month Sunada explores how we introduce reflection into our meditation practice.

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Meditation in the News:
Top Five Stories of Last Month

meditation in the news

For a complete, categorized, and searchable listing of news stories concerning meditation, visit our news database.

Contributing to Middle East peace - through yoga: Thousands of miles away from their homes, some 150 Israeli, Iranian and Arab youths are together learning meditation and yoga techniques in India which they hope will contribute to peace in the troubled Middle East.

Let yoga relax you: A systematic review to assess the efficacy of mind-body therapies in the treatment of hypertension has shown that complementary and alternative medicine significantly reduce blood pressure.

How to meditate: Metaphysical healer and counsellor Dina Cramer takes us through a step-by-step meditation for beginners.

The science of meditation : Meditation has been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety among those who practice it, and scientists are now finding that it might have more measurable effects. [call-in radio program].

Buddha and the bottle: A combination of cognitive behaviour therapy and Buddhist meditation, known as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, helps alcoholics kick the bottle.