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Wildmind offers a range of online courses on meditation, practice in daily life, and Buddhism.

Starting Oct 1, 2007:

Meditation Courses

 The Path of Mindfulness and Love (4 weeks)
 Change Your Mind (4 weeks)
 Awakening the Heart (4 weeks)
 Entering the Path of Insight (4 weeks)

A student writes:

"The most important thing I’ve gained is that meditation has become part of my life. I had tried before -- I would do it for a month or so but would drop off. With this course I feel for the first time that meditation is a practice I can sustain."

- David, Australia

October 2007 Issue: Interdependence

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Want to learn to calm your mind but find that you're too busy to make it to a class?

Wildmind offers four-week online courses suitable for complete beginners to experienced practitioners. You'll work directly with an experienced teacher who provides you personalized, one-on-one feedback. All of our courses offer a content-rich, interactive experience -- with online readings, guided meditations in MP3 format, and a discussion forum -- all available 24/7.

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Quote of the Month


"Every heart is the other heart … the individual is the one illusion."
- Marguerite Young.

In this month's commentary, Bodhipaksa explores how the brain is wired for connection with others. 

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Book Review

book cover

"One City: A Declaration of Interdependence," by Ethan Nichtern. (Wisdom Publications, 2006. Paperback, $16.95)

Up-and-coming Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern has a reputation for being "hot." Reviewer Rijumati examines whether the teachings match the hype.  

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Guest Article: The Ocean of Interrelatedness

kulananda (michael chaskalson)

Kulananda, known in the world of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as Michael Chaskalson, explores how we limit ourselves by assuming that our nature is fixed and shows how "everything that we call 'ourselves' is simply a changing pattern of interrelationships — patterns that are inextricably part of a great flux of conditions."

This article is extracted and adapted with permission from Kulananda's book, "Western Buddhism."

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A Student Asks...

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"In my metta bhavana practice, I can’t seem to feel anything toward the neutral and difficult person. Any advice?"

This month Sunada explains how deeply and intimately we are connected to others by our emotions -- even others that we don't know.

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Meditation in the News:
Top Five Stories of Last Month

meditation in the news

For a complete, categorized, and searchable listing of news stories concerning meditation, visit our news database.

Monks seize troops in Burma town: A peaceful revolution is under way in Burma -- and it started here.

Prisons purging books on faith from libraries: In the name of national security, a US government agency is restricting inmates' access to religious books.

Meditation can steer your commute in a calming direction: There’s rampant stress in those traffic lanes. But Terry McGilloway sees something else in morning and evening drive times.

Meditation eases migraine pain: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction reduces frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

A cynic meets zen: "Even done half-heartedly by a black-hearted agnostic, meditation has extraordinary power to tame the gibbering monkey and lower those blood-pressure stats."