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April 2010

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On practice

NeuronsMeditation and mental bandwidth
by Bodhipaksa

The mind has a limited ability to pay attention -- as any meditator knows. But we can use the mind's limited capacity to enter, quickly and easily, states of calmness, concentration, and contentment.

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compassionPracticing compassion
by Sunada

Most of us probably think of the practice of compassion as synonymous with altruism. Giving. Helping. Being of service. Sunada flips that idea on its head -- that it may be just as important to be vulnerable as it is to be strong, and to receive as it is to give.

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Check out Bodhipaksa's new audiobook!

book coverThe Wisdom of the Breath
by Bodhipaksa (Sounds True, 2009)

Sounds True has published a two-CD audiobook of Bodhipaksa's teachings on how an awareness of the breath can help us break through into an awakened perspective. By exploring three meditation practices, Bodhipaksa reveals how the breath can help you:

  • Let go of the past and future, and rest in pure presence
  • Dissolve the sense of separateness to experience oneness with the world around you
  • Embrace the essential impermanence of all life with serenity and joy
  • Tap into your own natural wisdom by exploring the breath as a metaphor for living

The Audiobook is available from Wildmind, Sounds True, and Amazon.

Book reviews

book cover"Unconditional Confidence, by Pema Chodron (Audiobook)

Is unconditional confidence possible?

Famed meditation and dharma teacher Pema Chodron argues that it is, says Vicky Matthews, and that the secret is a surprising one: unconditional confidence comes from being gentle with oneself.

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book cover"Living Ethically: Advice from Nagarjuna's Precious Garland," by Sangharakshita

Buddhism's ethical code was formulated in Iron-Age India. How relevant is it for people living today?

Pam Dodd, our guest reviewer, delves into Sangharakshita's book on Living Ethically.

-- Click here to read more

book cover"This Is Getting Old ," by Susan Moon

Susan Moon is one of Buddhism's funniest writers.

In This Is Getting Old Moon offers a series of finely-observed essays laying bare the trials and opportunities of aging.

In this new book, Bodhipaksa finds, Moon's writing to be not just funny, but also honest, moving, and beautiful .

-- Click here to read more

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