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November 2010

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On practice

roadBeing the river
by Bodhipaksa

In this excerpt from his latest book, Living as a River, Bodhipaksa discusses how water is a metaphor for change and the Buddhist teaching of non-self. All things flow, and we ourselves are not static and separate entities, but eddies in the stream of life.

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Living as a RiverWhen practice goes backwards
by Sunada

Sometimes in our practice there are ups, and we feel happy and inspired. Sometimes there are downs, when we feel lost and miserable. But our real practice, Sunada explains, is dealing with these ups and downs, and learning how to move forward through unknown territory

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book coverBorn to be Free
by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, author of Rebel Buddha: On the Road to Freedom, explains that our innate drive for freedom can be expressed either destructively or creatively.

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hands"Inside Personal Growth" interview with Bodhipaksa

Recently Bodhipaksa was interviewed by Greg Voisen of the radio program, Inside Personal Growth. They discussed Bodhipaksa's new book, Living as a River, along with the constant change we are living in and our impermanence as human beings on this planet.

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Quote of the month

Living as a River"All the elements of nature are interwoven and united with each other."
- Gospel of Mary Magdalene

In this extract from his new book, Living as a River, Bodhipaksa discusses how we have mistaken views that limit our sense of who we are, and explores how a historic journey can reveal the true nature of our selves.

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Book reviews

book cover"Lessons For The Living, by Stan Goldberg
Reviewed by Josh Nute

Given the fact that we're all going to die, it's remarkable how little thought most of us give to the actual process of dying. In Lessons For The Living Stan Goldberg seeks to illuminate this most universal of experiences by sharing the lessons he learned during his time as a hospice volunteer.

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book cover"Taneesha Never Disparaging," by M. LaVora Perry
Reviewed by Hazel Colditz

Taneesha Never Disparaging is billed as a young adult novel, but it's a perfect read for all ages, exemplifying how spiritual principles can help us face up to our fears and transform hatred into love.

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book cover"Kitarō: Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol. 4"
Reviewed by Bodhipaksa

Kitarō, a Grammy and Golden Globe award-winning Japanese musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist, composes luscious sound-scapes incorporating the sounds of both western and traditional Japanese (and sometimes middle-eastern) instruments, along with natural sounds, such as birdsong and water.

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book cover"Freeing the Body, Freeing the Mind," Michael Stone (ed.)
Reviewed by Ann Dennehy

Guest reviewer Ann Dennehy was struck by the commitment to practice shown by the authors of Freeing the Body, Freeing the Mind, as well as by their clarity in sharing their wisdom, and recommends it as a valuable resource to be not just read, but savored.

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book cover"The Three Commitments: Walking the Path of Liberation," by Pema Chödrön
Reviewed by Vicky Matthews

Pema explains how suffering arises when we resist the law of impermanence—the fact that everything we know, including ourselves, will one day die. She provides teachings and practices for fully embracing life's ephemeral nature using three traditional monastic vows, or "commitments."

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