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May 2011

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meditating in a windowMeditation is medically proven to reduce stress, promote emotional well-being, and even to promote the growth of brain cells. You can gains these benefts with the support and guidance of an experienced meditation teacher when you take one of Wildmind’s online meditation courses.

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On practice

meditating in a window30 ways to add zing to your meditation this spring
by Saddhamala

“What does spring have to do with meditation?” you might ask. Each season offers opportunities to bring creativity to our meditation practices.

Saddhamala shows you 30 ways you can use the spring to cconnect with nature -- and with yourself.

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gratitudeThis precious human birth
by Sunada

When one of Sunada’s best friends from college lost her brother recently, it served as a wake up call for her.

It was a reminder that life is short, and there really is no time to lose.

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gratitudeBodhi art: reclaiming the body with Buddhist tattoos
by Marcus Hartsfield

Tattoos can be a form of ego-centric decoration (look how cool I am!). But they can also represent initiation, the transcendence of pain, and a way of reclaiming a sense of connection with the body. Marcus Hartsfield, a Zen Buddhist and psychotherapist, discusses why he’s covered his body in tattoos -- many of them Buddhist in nature.

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gratitudeEmotional Intelligence and the Brain: an interview with Daniel Goleman
by Bodhipaksa

Daniel Goleman’s new book, The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights, (see review) is a fascinating round-up of the latest cutting-edge research into how emotions are processed in the brain, and how we can better regulate our emotional responses in order to be happier, less stressed, and more creative. This week Bodhipaksa had an opportunity to interview Goleman about the cross-over between Emotional Intelligence and meditative practice.

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Connect like never before: new courses on Wildmind

Wildmind’s new meditation workshops -- using videoconferencing on Skype -- have proved to be a very effective way to bring people together in order to practice and discuss meditation practice, and to learn and explore new approaches to developing peace, compassion, and insight.

There are currently two opportunities to participate, on Tuesday evenings (US Eastern Time, 8:30 to 10PM), and Wednesday (US Eastern Time, 1:00 to 2:30PM).

This is an incredible opportunity to join a small online community of people committed to deepening their meditation practice with the guidance of Bodhipaksa, an experienced teacher and the author of ten books and audiobooks.

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Book reviews

book cover“How to Train a Wild Elephant,” by Jan Chozen Bays

Jan Chozen Bays, a respected American Zen abbot, has written a masterful guide to the practice of mindfulness in daily life.

The power of these exercises comes in large part from the fact that these exercises have been practiced in Chozen’s monastery for a week at a time, for 20 years. Reviewed by Bodhipaksa

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book cover“The Best Buddhist Writing 2010,” edited by Melvin McCloud

Reviewer William Harryman writes that there are many wonderful, exceptional, moving essays in this collection, and that the pieces that really grabbed him were the first-person stories where the author reveals dharma in the minutiae of daily life -- and does not tell us what we are supposed to learn from the tale.

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