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On practice

meditating in a windowMeditating on anxiety
by Sunada

Sometimes the harder we try to “fix” ourselves, the harder things seem to get.

Sunada writes about a client who is struggling with anxiety, and her thoughts on how giving up the fight may be the best course of action.

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gratitudeHow to get into jhana
by Bodhipaksa

Once in a while when we’re meditating, like a blessing come joy and ease. We find ourselves effortlessly able to stay with our experience. Our distractions are nowhere to be seen. The mind is calm, and we’re deeply happy. What can we do to make those experiences happen more often?

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gratitude10 ways to live a better life
by Saddhamala

Recently Saddhamala saw a bumper sticker that read “the best things in life are not things.” This not only made her smile, but got her thinking about ways to live a better life without looking for or wanting more stuff.

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gratitudeReflecting on death is oddly life-enhancing
by Bodhipaksa

Most people would tend to assume that reflecting on your own death is going to be a bit of a downer. Why think about that depressing stuff? Well, there’s a good reason why. It can make you a happier and better person, Bodhipaksa explains.

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gratitudeOn suicide and the Dharma
by Michael Stone

“In the midst of anxiety, we look for the calmness of the breath—it’s always there,” Stone explains. “Likewise, when we pay attention to the movement toward taking one’s life, we also find the desire to live.”

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book coverLoving Touch
Jan Chozen Bays

In this extract from her beautiful new book, How to Train a Wild Elephant, Jan Chozen Bays shows how we can become more aware of how we touch people or objects, and seek to imbue every physical contact with a sense of love.

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Book reviews

book cover“Beyond Happiness” by Ezra Bayda

Vajradevi explores the latest book by Zen teacher Ezra Bayda, and suggests that his interest is not in soothing our neurosis and giving easy answers — going strongly against the current of our “instant rewards” culture and insisting that true happiness arises from being fundamentally OK with life as it is.

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book cover“You Are Here ” by Thich Nhat Hanh

“Mindfulness is not an evasion or an escape,” Thich Nhat Hanh explains. “It means being here, present, and totally alive. It is true freedom—and without this freedom, there is no happiness.”

Vicky Matthews reviews.

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book cover“The Rhythm of Family” by Amanda Blake Soule

This inspiring and practical book is a year-long journey through the life of one family living in Maine. It follows the seasons, from January snows back to the turning of the year at the winter solstice. It’s full of lyrical descriptions of family life, as well as practical tips on how to get closer to nature.

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book cover“The Open-Focus Brain” by Dr. Les Fehmi & Jim Robbins

The night that reviewer Akashavanda listened to the guided exercises on the CD accompanying The Open-Focus Brain, she had one of the most relaxed, light, and blissful experiences in her eleven years as a serious meditator.

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