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meditating in a windowFeeling ready to invest in your own health and well-being? Want to make the effort to grow in a new direction? And begin feeling more at ease with yourself and your world? You can learn how with Wildmind’s meditation courses. They’re all personally guided by an experienced meditation teacher who provides ongoing feedback and support.

In August, Sunada has other commitments, and our courses will be led by Bodhipaksa.

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On practice

meditating in a windowSaying ‘adios’ to doubt
by Bodhipaksa

Doubt is one of the hardest hindrances to spot because it hijacks the mind. Bodhipaksa offers a detailed guide to stepping out of doubt, and to reclaiming the mind.

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gratitudeHow to stop your mind from wandering
by Saddhamala

With all the thinking, worrying, justifying, wondering, story telling, imagining, assuming, and compulsive activity that the mind gets caught up in, it is a wonder we actually get anything done in a mindful way. But there is hope, Saddhamala says. There is a way to stop your mind from wandering.

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gratitudeThe art of self-forgiveness
by Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

It’s important to acknowledge mistakes, feel appropriate remorse, and learn from them so they don’t happen again. But most people keep beating themselves up way past the point of usefulness: they’re unfairly self-critical. Rick Hanson, author of The Buddha’s Brain, offers potent tools for forgiving ourselves.

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gratitudeMindfully navigating out of depression
by Sunada

Some people seem prone to depression.

Sunada describes her struggle with this dark mental state, and shows how she's managed to stop fighting against it, and how she's learned to just relax into it, stopping the struggle, and finding a gentle, nurturing place of sanity amidst all the mess.

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Book reviews

gratitude“Tibetan Sound Healing,” by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Shrivandana reviews a book and CD by a well-respected Rinpoche in the Tibetan Bön tradition. Tibetan Sound Healing introduces the practice meditatively chanting the Five Warrior Syllables, A, Om, Hung, Ram and Dza. It helped her asthma, but will it help her get enlightened, she wonders?

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