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meditating in a windowFeeling ready to invest in your own health and well-being? Want to make the effort to grow in a new direction? And begin feeling more at ease with yourself and your world? You can learn how with Wildmind’s meditation courses. They’re all personally guided by an experienced meditation teacher who provides ongoing feedback and support.

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Join Bodhipaksa on a meditation workshop via Skype videoconferencing

bodhipaksaOn September 15, I’ll starting two new meditation workshops, using the videoconferencing capabilities of Skype. This is a unique opportunity to learn to calm your mind and bring more richness, joy, and meaning into your life.

The courses will run initially for six weeks, with an option to stay on to explore the skills of meditation in more depth for a further 12 weeks.

Places are limited. You can reserve your space here.

On practice

meditating in a windowMotivating myself to start a healthy new habit
by Sunada

Sunada is re-experiencing firsthand what it’s like to try and get a healthy new habit going. It sure isn’t easy. How do we keep ourselves motivated when picking up good habits?

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gratitudeMindfulness and wise discrimination
by Bodhipaksa

You can’t read much about the important quality of mindfulness without learning that it involves being nonjudgmental — that it involves setting aside discriminations and simply accepting our experience. But that’s not the whole story, says Bodhipaksa

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gratitudeThe practice of noticing you’re alright right now
by Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

Evolution has equipped us with brains that constantly scan for danger. This was useful in our caveman days, but nowadays our anxiety mostly detracts from the joy of living. Rick Hanson, author of The Buddha’s Brain, offers potent tools for finding peace.

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gratitudeHow to free your mind from worries
by Saddhamala

It is difficult to let go of worries. The very nature of worrying seems to keep the mind busy, thinking of the concern over and over again. The more we think about the concern, the more anxious we feel, but there is a way to free the mind from worries. Saddhamala suggests eleven ways to break this vicious cycle.

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gratitudeThe power of appreciation
by Bodhipaksa

It’s all too easy to focus on what’s wrong in our lives, and to overlook what’s positive, but science has shown that expressing gratitude can leave us feeling better for weeks afterward. Bodhipaksa explores the practice of expressing appreciation and of giving thanks.

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