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November 2011 Newsletter

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meditatingFeeling ready to invest in your own health and well-being? Want to make the effort to grow in a new direction? And begin feeling more at ease with yourself and your world?

You can learn how with Wildmind’s meditation courses. They’re all personally guided by an experienced meditation teacher who provides ongoing feedback and support.

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On practice

stonesSitting Without a Sitter
by Bodhipaksa

Most forms of meditation involve some kind of active participation focused around a purpose — concentrating on the breathing, or developing lovingkindness, for example. The practice known as “just sitting” is remarkable in that mindful attention and lovingkindness simply manifest from within, spontaneously. Bodhipaksa explains how this beautiful and simple practice works.

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stop signSTOP and be mindful
by Sunada

Meditation isn’t like an anti-anxiety pill that will slow things down just by dropping it in. Sunada reminds us it’s really more a way to begin training ourselves to be a different way.

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gratitudeKnow You’re a Good Person
by Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

For many of us, perhaps the hardest thing of all is to believe that “I am a good person.” We can climb mountains, work hard, acquire many skills, act ethically — but truly feel that one is good deep down? Nah!

Neuropsychologist and author Rick Hanson explains how to develop confidence in your innate goodness.

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gratitudeDriving as Preparation
by Donald Altman

In this extract from his new book, One Minute Mindfulness, psychotherapist and mindfulness coach Donald Altman explains how bringing moments of mindfulness into our driving, so that we can “fully participate in the journey of moving from one place to another.”

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-Meditating with Tinnitus
by Mandy Sutter

If you suffer from tinnitus — persistent ringing in the ears — you may wonder whether meditation is a good idea. And yet it can be a powerful tool in helping you come to terms with the white noise inside your head. Meditator and long-time tinnitus sufferer Mandy Sutter airs some of the issues.

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prayer flagsOn Prayer Flags and Changing the World
by Bodhipaksa

How can reflecting on the impermanence of our lives lead to compassionate engagement with the world? And what does any of that have to do with prayer flags?

Find out in this address that Bodhipaksa gave to students at a high school in New Hampshire, where the students had made secular prayer flags in order to “send their positive thoughts into the world.”

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gratitudePeace of Mind
by Saddhamala

Have you ever had trouble concentrating on a project, or falling asleep at night because your mind is racing or you are obsessing over a problem? If so, you'll appreciate how desirable, and yet elusive, peace of mind can be. Saddhamala offers some tools to help you let go and enjoy serenity.

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film posterDefusing the Anger Bomb
by Vishvapani

What can you do when things are about to blow? Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction coach and BBC radio commenter Vishvapani offers some advance on working with anger — or any other strong emotion — with mindfulness.

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Book reviews

cloud atlasDrops in the Ocean: Buddhist Reflections on David Mitchell’s “Cloud Atlas”

Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell, is a ripping good read with plenty of action and suspense. It’s also a cautionary tale of karma-vipaka (how our actions set up complex results, short- and long-term) and how failing to choose is itself a choice just as much as a conscious decision is.

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book cover“How does happiness happen?” by Suriyacitta

How, according to Suryacitta, does happiness ‘happen’? He gets straight to the point — “Happiness is our natural state. It happens when we stop making ourselves unhappy by believing in the stories the thinking mind throws up.”

Suriyacitta’s new book explains how we can learn to notice, without judgment or criticism, what takes us away from the present and then return to the felt experience of the present.

Tejananda reviews.

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book cover“One Minute Mindfulness” by Donald Altman

The perception that meditation is only useful in large doses does tend to put some people off of establishing a practice, and much can be accomplished in a short space of time. Mindfulness is an activity that takes place moment by moment, as we observe our experience unfolding. Each moment brings an opportunity to choose between reactivity and creativity, negativity and positivity, habit or freedom. A book like One Minute Mindfulness has value in reminding us how to bring mindfulness into crucial moments in our daily lives.

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