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March 2012 Newsletter

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What students say about “The Mindful Life,” our NEW introductory meditation course

  • “This is the first meditation course I've taken and it has been an eye opener.”
  • “Thank you for the very insightful month.”
  • “The best thing about the course was Sunada's feedback in the discussion forum. A previous online course I tried from another site wasn't nearly as effective.”
  • “Many thanks for a great course. I've been trying to practice mindfulness on my own for over a year, but this will finally set me on the road to meditating every day and exploring what mindfulness can do for me.”

Next course starts March 5.

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On practice

sculptingSeven steps to taking control of your attention
by Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

Moment to moment, the flows of thoughts and feelings, sensations and desires, and conscious and unconscious processes sculpt your nervous system like water gradually carving furrows and eventually gullies on a hillside.

Your brain is continually changing its structure. The only question is: Is it for better or worse?

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portraitCapturing the moment
by Vishvapani

Author and radio presenter Vishvapani eloquently describes how he learned a valuable lesson in how simply to appreciate a fleeting moment of beauty without clinging to it.

“To see how extraordinary, unique and beautiful is each moment of our lives we need to let go of the grasping mind,” he tells us.

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buddha10 things science (and Buddhism) says will make you happy
by Bodhipaksa

Bodhipaksa is a science geek as well as a Buddhist geek, and here he takes ten things that have been shown by science to make us happier and shows the parallels with Buddhist teachings.

This article has been read 120,000 times since it was published a week ago!

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stones and flowerHow we use effort to get to a state of effortless meditation
by Bodhipaksa

From time to time you’ll hear people saying that meditation shouldn’t involve effort. It’s clear, though, says Bodhipaksa, when you look at the Buddha’s teachings, that he encouraged us to make effort in meditation, and in our lives generally.

So can effort get move us toward effortlessness? Or does the means defeat the goal?

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waterfallWaking up to the truth
by Vimalasara

When Vimalasara came to Buddhism 22 years ago, she would never have admitted to being an addict. Her practice, however, forced her to face the reality of her cravings and dependence, and eventually led to overcoming them.

This is one of a series of posts called “Recovery Monday.”

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Book reviews

book cover“Aging as a Spiritual Practice” by Lewis Richmond

Traditionally facing up to the reality of old age, sickness, and death, is an important part of practice.

Lewis Richmond writes about aging as a sp[iritual practice — Padraig O'Morain tells us — with “honesty, clarity and humanity,” and his book contains much to interest readers of all ages.

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Quote of the month

orwell“When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Saddhamala movingly describes a dysfunctional family background, and how her practice has helped her to learn that her anger was teaching her a valuable lesson about her own innate worth.

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