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April 2012 Newsletter

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Take charge of your life with our new meditation course “The Mindful Life”


Want to feel more creative, confident, and self-aware? Learn how with “The Mindful Life,” our introductory meditation online course starting April 2. It’s a comprehensive four-week course on mindfulness, combining the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings with the latest research in neuroscience and psychology. Weekly exercises help you extend newly-learned skills into the context of daily life.

  • “The best thing about the course was Sunada’s feedback in the discussion forum. A previous online course I tried from another site wasn’t nearly as effective.”
  • “I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness on my own for over a year, but this will finally set me on the road to meditating every day and exploring what mindfulness can do for me.”

Next course starts April 2.

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On practice

raftWhen spiritual practice gets in the way of spiritual progress
by Bodhipaksa

The Buddha said his teaching was a raft: something designed to help you get to the “other side.” Once you arrive at the destination, it’s pointless to hoist it onto your head or carry it on your back. But sometimes we find ourselves overly attached to the raft. It’s as if we push the raft half-way into the water, but don’t quite launch it.

Bodhipaksa suggests some practices that can help us to push off into the river.

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clingingCling less, love more
by Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

“Clinging is different from healthy desire, where we have wholesome values, aims, purposes, aspiration, and commitments — without being attached to the results,” neuropsychologist Rick Hanson points out.

“When there’s no clinging, we are deep down at peace with whatever happens even if the surface layers of the mind are understandably disappointed, sad, or upset.”

But how do we stop clinging...?

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postureA back tip for meditators, or how to sit with more ease
by Sunada

Can’t seem to find a comfortable way to sit in meditation? Here’s something really simple to try. It’s actually a mindfulness practice in itself. It’s a way to balance your natural ability to relax with the forces of gravity to find a well-aligned posture that’s effortless and free. Sunada shares the secrets of feeling your way in to a comfortable meditation posture.

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lying down to meditate

How to meditate lying on your side
by Bodhipaksa

And if you really have trouble finding a comfortable sitting posture, Bodhipaksa shares some tips on a traditional, but much-neglected, way of lying down to meditate. If it was good enough for the Buddha...

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loonDiscovering the four noble truths
by Vimalasara

Vimalasara shares her moving story of how she overcame a past trauma and addiction to drugs and alcohol by embracing the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and the practice of meditation.

This is one of a series of posts called “Recovery Monday.”

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waiting“It can wait.” A mantra for the 21st century
by Bodhipaksa

Bodhipaksa shares a simple but powerful secret that can held you to take control of your attention and resist the pull of multitasking.

It’s a simple phrase that is also a powerful statement of affirmation in the importance of the present moment.

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Quote of the month

dogen“As a parent raises a child with deep love, care for water and rice as though they were your own children.”

Bodhipaksa takes a quote by the Zen teacher Dogen to examine the profound changes that take place when we imbue our experience with love.

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