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De-stress with “The Mindful Life,” our new online course

Want to feel more creative, confident, and in control of your life? Learn how with “The Mindful Life,” our introductory meditation online course starting May 7.

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The Mindful Life is a comprehensive four-week course on mindfulness, combining the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings with the latest research from neuroscience and psychology.

  • “The materials were so rich and helpful. I plan to continue using them to deepen my practice. Many blessings to you for doing this work. I recommend this course to others.“
  • “The course was most enjoyable and informative. I really think it has greatly improved my approach and understanding of meditation. Thank you also for your excellent responses to each of our queries. There was great learning in that too.”
  • “Thank you for the class. I have been meditating sporadically for a couple of years but wasn’t getting to a regular practice. This class has really helped me make meditation a priority and helped me see things from a different perspective (which feels like the tip of the iceberg).”

Former students get a $25 rebate when they take this course as a refresher.

Next course starts May 7. Click here to learn more »


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Five Ways to Slow Down and Stop Rushing
by Rick Hanson

No matter how relaxed we want to be, the mind keeps creating a sense of urgency. How can we step out of urgency and of rushing, and into a state of well-being, health, and autonomy? Click here to read more »

Stepping into Timelessness
by Bodhipaksa

Buddhist texts describe meditative states in which we totally let go of any sense of the past and future being real, and let go into an eternal, timeless now. Bodhipaksa offers a guided meditation to help you relax deeply into the present moment. Click here to read more »

My Happiness Does Not Depend On This: Old Teaching, New Words
by Padraig O’Morain

A simple thought, “My happiness does not depend on this,” can free us from stress and anxiety. Irish journalist and mindfulness instructor Padraig O’Morain offers timeless wisdom beautifully expressed in new words. Click here to read more »

The First Noble Truth
by Vimalasara

As Vimalasara reveals in this moving biographical post, her first step in recovery was to acknowledge that this human life would inevitably bring her suffering — but that suffering was OK if she was prepared to accept suffering and not try to run away from it. Click here to read more »

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New in our online meditation supplies store

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Smoking bottles

A unique ceramic bottle for burning incense. With this unique “smoking bottle” there’s no messy ash to clean up, and no risk of fire.

These are not simple bottles. They»re ceramic, with air-holes near the bottom to allow for air circulation. Sticks of incense are suspended inside, clipped in place with a simple yet secure metal ring.

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