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Detox your mind with “The Mindful Life,” our new online course

Imagine what life might be like if you de-stressed and de-cluttered your mind. “The Mindful Life,” our introductory meditation online course, can lead you there. Our next session begins August 6 .

Mindfulness has been clinically proven to offer many benefits, including improved immune response, greater feelings of wellbeing, slowed aging of the brain, and a reduction in the severity of chronic pain.

The Mindful Life is a comprehensive four-week course on mindfulness, combining the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings with the latest research from neuroscience and psychology.

  • “This course has helped to rekindle the fire of mindfulness. I find myself spontaneously attending to something in the present moment that might easily have passed me by otherwise.”
  • “While meditating, I'm noticing that distractions such as a car door slamming or the sound of a siren don’t have to interfere with the relaxed state of my body and the keen awareness of my mind. This is exactly what I was hoping this course would provide.”

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Eight steps to forgiveness
by Rick Hanson

Forgiveness is a tricky topic. We ofte fear that if we forgive we will allow ourselves to be walked over. Rick Hanson walks us through the fine art of letting go of resentment while still "honoring the wound."
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How to move forward by being here now
by Sunada

It can be frustrating and disappointing when we don’t feel we're making enough spiritual progress. But ironically, Sunada says, the best way to move forward toward our goals is to be present, here and now.
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When we don't make anything “wrong”
by Tara Brach

Tara movingly explains how by accepting fear and confusion we accept these states as “real life” rather than make them into something “wrong.”
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“One should not hurt others if one loves oneself”
by Bodhipaksa

It can be hard to cultivate loving-kindness for ourselves, never mind someone we don't like, but Bodhipaksa shares a metta “trick.”
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