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Imagine what life might be like if you de-stressed and de-cluttered your mind. “The Mindful Life,” our introductory meditation online course, can lead you there. Our next session begins October 1.

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The goodness at the heart of us all.
by Bodhipaksa

Most – perhaps all – of what we human beings do, say and think is associated with our attempt to escape from dissatisfaction or suffering. Bearing this in mind can help us live with compassion.
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Embrace fragility
by Rick Hanson

Part of the truth of things is that they are robust and enduring. Another part of the truth is that things bruise, tear, erode, disperse, or end. Accepting the fragility of fragile things is an important key to happiness.
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Beyond the “defended self”
by Tara Brach

When we let go of our defensiveness, we can experience a deep sense of gratitude, and a profound shift in our sense of self.
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Full-screen living
by Bodhipaksa

Many computer users find that they can maintain focus better by using applications in “full-screen” mode. This can be a metaphor for life...
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