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Tuning in to the love that fills and surrounds you


by Rick Hanson

We may sometimes feel that love is distant and unattainable, but in reality love surrounds us all the time, often in forms we overlook, Rick Hanson reminds us.

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Opening the gateway of love

by Tara Brach

Complementing Rick Hanson's article, highly respected teacher Tara Brach shows how at all times we have the capacity to cultivate an inner refuge of safety and love.

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Lovingkindness is not weakness


by Bodhipaksa

Many people make the assumption that lovingkindness will make us weak — rendering us unable to lead or defend ourselves. But lovingkindness is not weakness, Bodhipaksa points out.

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On thanks-giving


by Bodhipaksa

The recent Thanksgiving celebrations in the US prompted Bodhipaksa to collect together some of the great articles that Wildmind has pubished on the theme of gratitude over the years.

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