Sit : Love : Give

spring flowers in wooden bowlSit with us as you learn meditation.

Love as you practice lovingkindness and compassion in daily life.

Give back by supporting Wildmind, helping us to teach meditation more effectively to more people.

We have a reward program for donors who give $15 a month or more.

Anyone who donates $15 a month or more will receive two things:

  1. Copies of all our new electronic products (MP3s, audiobooks, and ebooks) starting with our audiobook, the Power of Mindfulness.
  2. Access to our Lifemember program, which gives access to the materials from nine online meditation courses.

Wildmind is supported largely by donations.

For almost all of our events there is no fixed charge. We don’t want anyone to feel excluded from learning meditation with us because of lack of financial resources. Many, many people have told us that we should simply charge for events, but we’re interested in creating a community of practitioners, and we see fixed charges as a barrier to the creation of such a community.

We work under a considerable amount of financial strain. Even with the donations for our events, we only just scrape by, and we don’t have the resources to take on projects we’ve long aimed to do, such as bringing out a free meditation app.

One way you can help us find financial stability is to make a regular monthly donation by joining our Sit Love Give program. At the moment about 122 people are supporting Wildmind with monthly donations ranging from $3 to $80. If we double the number of supporters, Wildmind should have a secure future.

So we’re encouraging you to make a monthly donation to Wildmind. The most common amounts that people donate are $3, $5, $10, $15, and $20. You can use the menu below to set up a donation via Paypal. (Prefer not to use Paypal?)

Your help would be much appreciated. It would allow us to focus on what we’re good at, which is making teachings on meditation more widely available.

Thank you!

PS One time donations are fine as well!

If you prefer not to use Paypal, you can go to this page in our store, enter the amount you’d like to donate monthly into the text box, and then proceed to checkout. With your permission, we can turn this into a monthly recurring charge to your card.


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