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A fancy for Falun Dafa meditation

Times of India: Falun Dafa, the practice of improving one’s mind and body through simple exercises and meditation, is gaining popularity in the twin cities.

Falun Dafa grabbed the headlines in 1999 when Chinese authorities banned its practice alleging that it was “advocating superstition and spreading fallacies”.

The system’s followers here believe that by regular practice, one could elevate one’s mind, body and spirit. The members often meet in parks to meditate and exercise under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Learning the system is easy and the main principles have been laid down in two books namely Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong. The requisites are five exercises, according to city-based follower G Pruthvi Raj. The system — also known as Falun Gong –was introduced based on three cardinal principles: Truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance, by Master Li Hongzhi in 1992 in China. The founder was a former state grain bureau clerk, who later emigrated to the United States in 1997…

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All the activities are conducted by trained volunteers and are offered free of cost as the founder propagated the principles for the welfare of the people, the practitioner said. The practice has been gaining acceptability as it is an advanced method of the Buddha school of meditation. The similarities with Yoga and the relative simplicity has also helped, said Rahul Kelkar, another practitioner.
Regular practice is bound to weed out negative thoughts from the minds of the practitioner. It will also reduce stress besides enhancing the spiritual growth among the followers, Kelkar added.
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