Meditation for ‘Christmas rage’

Christmas shoppers in Manchester are being offered a remedy for stress.

The Manchester Buddhist Centre is showing a video on the BBC Big Screen in Exchange Square giving a free lesson in meditation.

The video will give shoppers the chance to learn basic meditation techniques.

Shoppers, office workers, and passers-by will be encouraged to follow the meditation on screen on Friday lunchtime.

Helpers will be on hand in the square from Manchester Buddhist Centre.

Munisha, from the Manchester Buddhist Centre, says: “I think it’s just very good to come back to this still centre, come back to breathing, thinking ‘Ah yes, I’m a human being and I wasn’t just born to shop’.”

And psychologists say Christmas rage is as much a reality as road rage or air rage…

David Holmes, psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, says people can undergo incredible stress at Christmas.

“Christmas really puts on a lot of pressure, specifically on those who have to organise it, and they will be the ones who suffer the most.”

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