How I Learned to Love Meditation (Yoga Journal)

Cautiously relinquishing her reservations about meditation, a Vermont writer signs up for a nine-day silent retreat.

Lisa Jones, Yoga Journal: About four years ago, the publisher of the newspaper where I worked—a brilliant man without a “woo-woo” bone in his body—shocked the staff by suddenly going on a nine-day silent meditation retreat in New Mexico. He returned soft-eyed, sweet-voiced, and utterly convincing.

“This was the first moral education I’ve ever had,” he said, “that didn’t make me want to throw up.”

Before the retreat, the sound of his phone ringing would make him sigh sadly and stiffen his chest. Afterwards, it took on celestial qualities inaudible to the rest of us. He would look beatifically into space for a moment. “Mindfulness practice,” he explained before gently lifting the receiver.

He was so moved by his experience he wanted to share with other staff members. So a few months later, a co-worker and I drove six hours to the Land of Enchantment. I had never meditated a minute before in my life and had no idea what to expect….

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