Meditators arrested in Occupy Oakland protest

November 14, 2011



Protestors meditate as police move in to arrest them at the Occupy Oakland encampment.

At least a dozen spiritual leaders were arrested in the evacuation of Occupy Oakland on Monday morning as they sat in a candlelit circle in front of the camp’s interfaith tent, according to‘s Emily Loftis. They were among 32 people arrested by riot police.

“They wanted to hold the sacred space and be a peaceful presence,” said Jon Jackson, deacon at the First Congregational Church of Oakland, a camp participant who chose not to be arrested. According to witnesses, the arrested included Kurt Khuwald, a professor at the Starr King seminary in Berkeley, Father Joseph Vitale, who

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Buddhist inmate wins religious lawsuit

A Buddhist prison inmate in Texas has won a lawsuit over rules for religious practice.

The prison system requires religious services to be performed by a chaplain or approved religious volunteers. Muslims were allowed to hold religious meetings, but chaplains had declined to lead Buddhist services because of lack of knowledge or because it conflicts with their own beliefs, according to Kelly Shackleford, chief counsel of Liberty Legal Institute.

A federal appeals court stands by the Buddhist inmate.

“Basically what the court said is, ‘Look, you’ve got to give people the same rights’ — that you can’t say that there are some faiths that have a right to meet together and pray together and other … Read more »