Buddha has cure for Colly (The Mirror, UK)

Bill Daniels, The Mirror: Stan Collymore has found a new weapon in his battle against depression, aggression and bad behaviour… Buddhism.

The ex-England striker, who recently appeared in Five’s The Farm, spent two days at a retreat.

Stan rose at 5am, then took part in chanting, meditation and discussion for up to 12 hours.

He found the techniques so useful he is considering using them every day.

Abbott Ajan Mahalaow said: “Once someone knows themselves inside, they are better equipped to deal with anything.”

Stan, 33, said of his stay in Birmingham: “I won’t be hurrying back for hours of meditation, but I will start in five-minute chunks and see how I go.”

His troubled past includes publicly hitting ex-Ulrika Jonsson and “dogging” where he watched and took part in sex with strangers.

Original article no longer available.

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