How to succeed in meditation

April 3, 2013

The West Australian: Preparation is the key to a successful meditation session.

Dharmapala Buddhist Centre nun Gen Kelsang Nampur recommended choosing a well-ventilated, quiet area with a comfortable temperature.

Sit with a straight back – whether on the floor or in a chair. She advises against lying down to meditate – particularly around bedtime.

“Often meditation will wake you up, so it’s best not to do it before you go to sleep,” she said.

“You can also train yourself to fall asleep in meditation, so it’s best to keep those things separate.”

So when’s the best time of day?

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The benefits of meditation

April 3, 2013

Amy Richardson, The West Australian: Who couldn’t do with a little more inner peace?

Meditation is the art of calming the mind and this quiet practice, which only relatively recently has been embraced by the Western world, has been credited with helping not only to still the mind, but also reduce pain and improve happiness.

Suzanne Bougher learnt meditation 16 years ago to deal with her own stress.

“I noticed a greater ability to stay focused and ‘on track’ in the middle of busy days where there’s a lot of multi-tasking going on,” Dr Bougher said.

“And compared with the days before meditating…

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