The Conscious Couple: Bringing the Dharma into Intimate Relationships (Sep 1-28)


The Conscious Couple is a 28-day meditation event exploring what course leaders Shelly Chatterelli and Bodhipaksa call “The Noble Eightfold Path of Relationships.”

For those of us who practice the Dharma but don’t live a monastic life, intimate relationships are an important area for practice. Our sexual and romantic relationships can be like the tantric guru, who uncompromisingly directs our attention toward that within us which creates suffering and needs to be transformed. Intimate relationships can also present us with opportunities for deep connection, joy, and self-transcendence.

In this 28-day online event, we’ll look at how the art of connecting spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically can be seen as one of the most important parts of our spiritual practice.

You don’t have to participate in this event as a couple! You’ll find this course helpful even if your partner doesn’t join in, and even if your partner has no interest in meditation or spirituality. You don’t even have to be currently in a relationship; the course will benefit you in future partnerships.

Course outline

  • We’ll engage with issues of attachment versus genuine love, and unhealthy detachment versus healthy non-attachment.
  • We’ll learn how the real issue is not attachment to our partner, but attachment to the habits, attitudes, and views that create distance and conflict.
  • We’ll examine the Four Noble Truths of relationships, as well as the Eightfold Path for Conscious Couples.
  • We’ll investigate how having shared values is necessary for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.
  • We’ll explore the vital role that knowing and accepting ourselves plays in helping us come together in a healthy way with another human being.
  • We’ll study the role of presence and courage (willingness) in creating compassionate and intimate connections.
  • We’ll look at how sex can be used as an escape from genuine intimacy, and how to work with the problems that arise when one person is aroused and the other isn’t. We’ll explore conscious sex and the factors that support it as we physically and emotionally connect with our partner.

Course format

Clear, practical and down-to-earth, this course will help you to transform not just your relationship, but your life. You’ll receive:

  • Daily guidance in the form of an email from Bodhipaksa and Shelly, containing reflections, meditation instructions, and exercises.
  • Eight guided meditation recordings.
  • Video presentation of conversations between Shelly and Bodhipaksa.
  • An online community where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and receive support and encouragement.

About Your Course Guides

BodhipaksaBodhipaksa brings to his teaching over 30 years of immersion in Buddhist practice, and lessons about relationships gained (sometimes painfully) through being (at various times) single, celibate, married, and divorced. He’s blessed to have spent time in a rewarding relationship with your other guide, Shelly Chatterelli. His time with her was nourishing, and challenged him to live more from the heart.

shellyShelly Chatterelli brings more than 14 years’ experience as a spiritual teacher. Her work includes founding a non-profit holistic center, where she taught mindfulness and heart-based vinyasa yoga to students of all ages. Shelly also introduced mindfulness and yoga to children, including at-risk youth, in public school systems. She was challenged to take her practice deeper after the cancer diagnosis and subsequent death of her husband and spiritual partner of 20 years. She embodies a heart-centered approach in her practice and teaching that emphasizes how all healthy relationships are founded on the love, compassion, and respect you have for yourself.

How to register

Registration for The Conscious Couple (Sep 1-28) is open!

Participation is by donation. There are three suggested donation levels, but you are free to give a different amount.

  • High Income: $160
  • Medium Income: $80
  • Low Income: $40

First, determine your donation level and the amount of your donation, and then click the link below to donate. Once your donation is processed you are automatically registered and will receive the first Conscious Couple email on September 1st.

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Scholarships are available

A limited number of scholarships are available for those who are unable to make a donation. If you would like to take advantage of one of these scholarships, please write to us.

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