Selection two

Heedfulness is the way to the deathless.
Heedlessness is death’s path.
The heedful do not die.
Those who are heedless are as if dead.

Having especially known this,
In heedfulness they are wise.
Take pleasure in heedfulness
Delighting in the domain of the Noble Ones.

Just like a deep lake,
Clear and calm,
Just so, having heard the truth,
The wise become calmed.

As a solid rock
Does not move in the wind,
Likewise the wise
Are not moved in blame or praise.

The world is blinded.
Few here see clearly.
Like a bird freed from a net
A few go to heaven.

Irrigators lead waters,
Fletchers fashion arrows.
Carpenters fashion wood.
The wise control themselves.

Translated by Bodhipaksa.

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