Ending the practice

Walking meditation - footprints on snowWhen you begin to end the practice by coming to a natural and comfortable stop, notice what happens.

It can be a very powerful experience to simply stand once more. Compare this experience with the standing that you did at the start of the practice.

Notice the sensations from all parts of your body. Notice your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Notice the world around you and find a point of balance between your awareness of the inner and outer worlds.

Most people report a huge increase in physical sensitivity, often with sensations of tingling energy. Often this is accompanied by a sense of joy, happiness, or even bliss.

Be sure to give yourself a few moment to assimilate the effects of the practice before moving on to another activity. If you immediately rush off to do something else you may find that the effect is rather jarring. As you move off from your session of walking meditation, maintain some continuity, so that there’s still a meditative attitude in what you do.

It’s quite common for us to be far more sensitive than we are aware off. So make sure that you end the practice graciously, and try to take the greater degree of awareness that you have gained into whatever activity you do next.

It may be that you’re not able to be as intensely mindful in your next activity as you were in the walking meditation, but as much as possible let your mindfulness, and any calm and happiness that you’ve connected with, percolate into the rest of your day.

Even if you don’t make any conscious effort to continue being mindful beyond your session of walking meditation you’ll probably find that you’re just a bit more “together” and a bit more patience and calm than you would normally be.

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