The World In Balance: March Equinox, 2014

The Earth In Balance, March 20, 2014The world in balance is a special meditation event we're running on the March Equinox: March 20, at 16:57 UTC (in some parts of the world it’s on March 21).

It's a worldwide meditation event, taking place at the exact moment that the earth's equator passes the center of the sun, the earth is perfectly upright, and the transit from the seasonal extremes is at a balance point worldwide.

From 16:42 UTC to 17:12 UTC (15 minutes either side of 16:57 UTC) we’ll be holding a guided lovingkindness meditation, which will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel. On-screen we’ll have meditators from every continent, who will form the nucleus of a group of thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of people around the globe, who will all meditate together at exactly the same time.

We’re inviting you to join with us in meditating for half an hour, to bring a moment of peace, love, and balance to the world.

When is this happening in your part of the world?

If you used any common calendar application, just click on this link and add the event, which will appear in your local time.

Otherwise, here are a few equivalents:

  • United Kingdom: Thursday, March 20, 4:42 – 5:12 PM
  • Western Europe: Thursday, March 20, 5:42 – 6:12 PM
  • US (Eastern): Thursday, March 20, 12:42 – 1:12 PM
  • Brazil (DF): Thursday, March 20, 1:42 – 2:12 PM
  • Ethiopia: Thursday, March 20, 7:42 – 8:12 PM
  • China: Friday, March 21, 2014, 00:42 – 1:12 AM
  • Australia (Victoria): Friday, March 21, 3:42 – 4:12 AM

Or you can use the Time and Date Converter, starting with 16:42 UTC on March 20, 2014, and converting to your local time zone.

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For “Your Country” it may be that you don’t know exactly where you’ll be on March 20, 2014. That’s OK. Just take a guess. This is just so that we can estimate the “internationality” of the event.

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