Some students choose meditation over recess


WREG, Memphis: You could hear a pin drop Tuesday during recess at Lausanne Collegiate School.

A group of middle schoolers decided to opt out of recess to meditate.

The 5th through 8th graders sit in complete silence once a week to help improve their concentration in class.

Lausanne’s Middle School principal says about fifty kids have signed-up for the “unplugged session.”

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Greg Graber. “The kids say not only do they enjoy it but it helps them concentrate and to focus and to feel better. They feel re-energized.”

“After you do it, you just feel a lot more relaxed, and you feel like a lot better about yourself and how the day’s going to go,” said 11-Year-Old Henry Clayton.

Lausanne Collegiate is the first school in the Mid-South to offer meditation instead of recess.

The school says it has a waiting list of fifty children who want to enroll.

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