Sit still, why don’t you?

The Age, Australia: Stressed? Of course I’m stressed. Even when I’m at ease, I’m tense. So when I take a meditation class at East Kew’s Life Development Centre, I try to clear the mind of preconceptions of something practiced by hippies in the hazy aroma of incense and candlelight.

Meditation has gone mainstream. Once the domain of left-wing guru-seekers, the art of relaxation has moved into the business world and is now sought out by well-heeled executives and upper management as a way of clearing the pressures of the working week. Even Harry M. Miller meditates.

The Tuesday morning class in Kew is a…

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Helping patients to relax

In the busy world of the 21st Century it is often difficult to relax.

But when you are ill and living with a chronic condition that can become almost impossible.

Now a group of kidney dialysis patients are getting special help – a series of meditation CDs.

The CDs take the patients on a “guided journey”. To calm them, they are transported to tropical seas, summer meadows, desert island and jungles.


Wendy Brown, manager of the dialysis unit at St Mary’s Paddington and Watford, said the CDs were already proving a great success.

“I tried them first myself and then I gave them to the patients and they found them very helpful…

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